Episode 027 - Integrated Project Delivery: Legal Relationships

This is the fifth an final part of my talk about Integrated Project Delivery, but since IPD and BIM are so intertwined I'm sure it will come up again. Remember you can do IPD without BIM and you can do BIM without IPD, but they go together so well. In the previous episodes I talked about:

* project organization
* processes and workflows
* IPD terms and agreeements
* collaboration software

and now finally some of the legal relationships that have been used with Integrated Projects.

Normally your IPD team is going to be put together by a core team that has significant role in shaping the project. Typically this will be the owner and design team and builder. What form of legal entity that the IPD team operates under can also be influenced by the type of project as well. Public institutions and private owners will have different regulations concerning how they can operate. Multi-party agreements are very customized but the United States aia document on integrated practice lists three main choices:
Project alliance
Single purpose entity
Relational contracts

We will talk about each of these briefly and cover six main project organization concerns:
Process Design
Decision Making
Sequencing and Phasing
Dispute resolution
Risk Allocation
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Episode 026 - Integrated Project Delivery: Collaboration software

Integrated Project Delivery needs software to help make collaboration better. In this episode I describe how BIM and PIM help can with collaboration. I then list the types of software I have found.
Show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/026


Episode 025 - Integrated Project Delivery: Terms and Agreements

IPD helps to provide incentive and give all of the team members a financial stake in meeting project goals. In this episode I talk about some of the terms and agreements that help make this possible.
Show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/025


Episode 024 - Integrated Project Delivery: Processes and workflows

This is the second part of Integrated Project Delivery. Last episode was about project organization. This one focuse on the processes and workflows of IPD projects. Next will be IPD terms and agreeements, collaboration software and legal relationships.
Show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/024


Episode 023 - Integrated Project Delivery: Organization

Over the next few episodes I will talk about managing an INtegrated Project Delivery project. This episode covers project organization. Next I will talk about processes and workflows, IPD terms and agreements, collaboration software, and then legal relationships.
Show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/023


Episode 022 - Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

This week I'm talking about Integrated Project Delivery. Although if you have been listening very carefully, most of the time I am talking about integrated project delivery. I believe using BIM with an integrated delivery is the way to Create Building Better. I'll give you a quick look at what IPD is and how it should help with your projects. I'll briefly go over some of the project delivery methods available, although there are so many to consider I couldn't get into too much detail.
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Episode 021 - 5 Trending BIM topics

This week I'll talk about Autodesk's changing subscription model, I'll share what I've seen as popular or trending topics in the BIM world, and we'll look at three questions.
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Episode 020 - BIM podcast topics and summary

This week I'm going to summarize the the content that we have already gone through and then answer some questions. The first 18 episodes of the show were dedicated to introducing BIM and BIM processes to you.

1. Do facility managers need the cost information with the FM handover data set?
2. Do you think making BIM mandatory is a good idea?
3. Can I use Revit on a Surface Pro 2 tablet?

Show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/020


Episode 019 - BIM questions and answers, a new format

This episode explains the new format and schedule coming up for Create Buildings Better audio show. I will provide the same information about BIM, but will also add in your questions and answer them for everyone. The questions hotline is 414-979-1765
Show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/019


Episode 018 - 10 steps for BIM implementation. Getting started.

I have talked about alot of the individual parts of BIM implementation in the previous episodes. This week I'll talk about some of the questions you need to answer when you decide to move to BIM. Whether you are a construction company, architect, engineer or a property management company the decision to use BIM seems compelling. You created your strategic plan and goals for implementation, but how do you actually implement BIM? You might find a broad approach to BIM beneficial, or you might concentrate on developing an in-depth understanding of a specific BIM aspect and master it.
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Episode 017 - COBie, Who does What?

This week is about COBie again. The COBie guide says there are 3 main players and 4 COBie deliverables. I'm going to talk about which player is responsible for each deliverable. BIM and COBie will help the entire construction team deliver better buildings.
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Episode 016 - COBie - The way to exchange information

This episode is about COBie, the Construction Operations Building Information Exchange. A global term for this is Facility Management Handover Modelview Definition. Think Construction team exchanging data with the Operations team.
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Episode 015 - IFC - The way to share your BIM

For weeks we have been talking about how BIM is about collaboration and sharing information with the other team members. We talked about the contractual and planning aspects, but how can you actually share and work together? The answer is IFC.


Episode 014 - Incorporating BIM into Facility Management

This week I talk about the difficulties of incorporating BIM into Facility Management. I also have a new domain name, www.CreateBuildingsBetter.com or www.BIMtv.net.
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Episode 013 - The 10 truths about BIM

This week I'll talk about a 2011 report called the ten truths about BIM. The WSP group commissioned the study to find out about the perception of BIM around the world. Now that we have hit 2014 I think we can look back and see that the report has been pretty much on target with the ten truths they came up with.
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Episode 012 - 3 Steps to move BIM to the cloud

This week I'll walk you through the 3 steps to Moving your BIM into the cloud and give you a quick view of some interesting things from CES 2014.
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Episode 011 - 5 Items to include in your BIM Cloud contracts

If your looking at cloud services for BIM I will talk about the 5 items to include in your contract to help you ensure that your data and business are protected.
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Episode 010 - 5 best practices for securing BIM Cloud data

In this episode I will talk about the main focus for BIM now, Cloud and mobile computing for collaboration. Getting access to your data in the field and the security of your data. Get the show notes: http://BIMtv.net/CBB/010


Episode 009 - Autodesk University, a quick recap of my time there

Looking out the window at the sun rising on the mountains here in Las Vegas. I am here for autodesk university, autodesk's annual convention and training session. I met many great people that also came to find out about the latest in autodesk software and information modeling processes. I'll provide a short recap of the week.


Episode 008 - Should you switch to BIM?

In this week's episode I hope to answer your question, Should we switch to BIM? I think you already know my answer, YES! I'll run you through some of the excuses I've heard and provide convincing evidence to support the call to BIM.
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