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Collaboration software for Integrated Project Delivery:

Integrated Project Delivery certainly benefits from software that enourages collaboration.  Building information modeling and Project information modeling software certainly helps the integrated processes along.  

Even though elaborate or sophisticated software is not required to run an integrated project, it is very helpful to enlist technology that is made to help teams work together.  Years ago 3d CAD was helpful in automating and speeding up the drawing and revision process.  Now BIM and PIM can help teams to collaborate by sharing information in various forms.  Whether it is the sharing of project information in the model, or the facilitation of communication and issue tracking both of these types of software can help teams to stay on the same page.

The following is a list of software that I originally found in 2010 on the blog.  I have added to it and updated some of the links for your reference.  There are several specific types of collaboration software that I haven't included here, but many of them are not sprcific to building projects.  While these are useful and can be used with your integrated project delivery projects, I prefer the construction industry specific software because it can address some of the industry specific issues that building projects have. If you have found this list lacking please leave a comment or send me a message so I can keep it relevant.

Architecture Sustainability Structures MEP Construction (Simulation, Estimating and Const. Analysis) Facility Management
Project Information Management

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Thanks to CAD Addict for posting quite a comprehensive list in 2010. It saved me the time of pulling together all the links.