Show Notes:

What is Integrated Project Delivery?

How does IPD compare to other delivery methods?

Integrated project Delivery is based on the project team collaborating to innovate, design and build the project. A very big aspect of IPD is getting the entire team involved early in the project. Often, integrated projects have a core group at the center, Owner, Architect, Builder/Contractor. The integrated team members come together early on in the project to provide input and develop an understanding of the project goals.

Integrated Project Delivery team

Other Delivery Methods:

Each of these represent a different way to handle the project delivery, but they usually don't involve the other team members until much later in the project.

* Design-Build & Develop, Design-Build
* Construction Manager at Risk
* Design Build Operate and Maintain
* Engineer, Procure and Construct
* Construction Manager/General Contractor
* Design, Bid, Build
* Lump Sum/Hard Bid General Contractor
* Multiple Prime Contractors

 Integrated Project Delivery process

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