Revit Architecture Essentials: Project Browser Basics; Navigating, opening and closing views and files.

Part 1 covers the project browser basics. These videos will demonstrate navigating the browser, opening files and views, closing files and views, deleting, editing, creating and duplicating views, sheets and elements from the project browser.

This list of 137 accronyms was compiled in less than an hour from the documents I had been reading while researching BIM processes, standards and procedures. I know it isn't complete and really doesn't even touch on the international community because I was researching US BIM specific issues. There are a couple of technolgy related items here, but your head would really spin if I put in all the computer and network acronyms too. If you have any you would like to add leave it in the comment section.

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There are a few key elements to consider when deciding to make the move to a Building Information Model design process.

Know where you want to go. Understand your processes. Apply these decisions to your project/s.

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There are three concerns to address when choosing to implement BIM.

Standards, Software and Staff.

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When you decide to implement Building Information Model solutions there are several things to keep in mind.


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